Print Order ID / Barcode / QR code on product for pairing with other products

Posted over 2 years ago by Peter Chadwick

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Peter Chadwick

Hi Guys, so here is what we are trying to achieve with a little background on us.

We supply multiple types of products to our customers and our most recent ambition is to supply printed products, cards, posters etc. 

My question is this. Is there any way in which to TAG the printed product with a barcode/order id automatically, generated after the customer has uploaded their design etc, that is then printed in a discreet location on the print.

For example, let's say I order a birthday card, I upload my own images, insert my own text etc and along with the card I purchase a gift box of sorts at the same time. When viewing the PDF of the artwork supplied, I will have the clients imagery for the card but more importantly on the reverse side of the card, the order ID for the whole order has been generated and added the to bottom left of the reverse side - Why you may ask? Because in a warehouse environment, pairing up products from other ends of the warehouse is a very time consuming and frustrating process and we would like to, in an ideal situation, be able to scan or at the very least read the order number on the back of the card so that we know which order that specific card needs to pair with.

Does that make sense? 

Thanks for your time.

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