Canvas Touch Scrolling - bug (Wordpress/Woocommerce, mobile)

Posted over 2 years ago by Marcel Franke

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Marcel Franke
Marcel Franke

Hey dear FPD-team,

I enabled the "Canvas Touch Scrolling" option under:

 [Settings > Advanced > Miscellaneous > Canvas Touch Scrolling]

In my opinion, this is an important option for a good user experience on a mobile device.
Unfortunately, there is a problem if the user wants to move/scale text or images:
When doing so, most of the time, the scroll also happens when trying to adjust the position or scale of the element. Therefore, positioning and scaling is undoable on mobile with this option.
I tried it on my Google Pixel 5 with different browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Edge.

What it should do: 
Scrolling on canvas should be available but disabled as soon as a (movable/scalable) element is selected.

Best regards

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