How to access Wordpress/Woocommerce FancyProductDesigner with Javascript/jQuery

Posted over 2 years ago by Marcel Franke

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Marcel Franke
Marcel Franke

Hello guys,

I'd like to add some custom javascript to improve the user experience of the product designer (I use the WordPress/Woocommerce license).

I checked the jQuery documentation, but didn't understand how to access the FancyProductDesigner when not creating a new object from scratch (code: "new FancyProductDesigner($('#designer-wrapper-id)) ... ).

I implemented the FPD on the website with a shortcode: [fpd]

My main goal is to create a function that runs when a specific event is fired (e.g., when an object inside the canvas is selected (that should be the event 'elementSelect').

Can anyone give me a quick approach on how to do that?

Thanks in advance! :)

Best regards


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