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Posted over 2 years ago by Kat Rose

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Kat Rose

Hello. I've noticed that all of the Fancy Product designer assets are loading on every page of the website. This is a massive overuse of resources. For example there is no need to load all of the styles and js on my contact page.

I've used code before to manually deque the assets on the pages I know that do not need it. However this requires manually adding it to the theme and list pages known to not need it.

Do you have any settings to better manage which assets are loaded for which pages. For example, I have a Woo site with 200+ products and only 2 of those use FPD. They are the only two pages that need all the FPD specific css and js. But the plugin loads the assets on all 250+ other pages of the site.

Something that only loads FPD on product pages that are actually using FCP would make a big impact on site speed and SEO rankings.

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Turquess posted over 2 years ago

You can use 3rd party plugins like Asset ClenUp and set where fpd should be loaded and where no ;-)

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