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Posted over 2 years ago by Lukes

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Hi, I'm using variant product. For a better idea, I have a product with variants: circle, square and triangle. I have assigned fpd circle to circle variant, fpd square to square variant... Every variant has different prices.

And sometime customer make order of circle and in order I see correct name of variant, correct price but wrong fpd products.

Sometime have customer 2 products. Square with Square fpd and Triangle with Circle fpd...

I think the mistake will be somewhere in the frontend.

Any idea?

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M Werner posted 6 months ago

I have the same problem - any solution?

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Turquess posted over 2 years ago

Still any solutions? I need solve this bug too!

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Turquess posted over 2 years ago

This problem is also when you select variant and press F5. FPD show default fpd product (first on your list on right sidebar) but woocommerce show selected variant. There aren't any change in URL. Woocommerce remember your last selected variation but FPD no.

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Lukes posted over 2 years ago

I discovered one situation that causes the problem.

When I go directly to the variant of product, for example by variant url I get product with selected current variation, but fpd product is not fpd product assignet to this variation, but first product in list of selected fpd products in left sidebar of product backend.

When I have assigned product only at variation, but not there, fpd not show. When I have in this panle selected one of variant or all variations, is still the same. Everytimes it take first of list.

How to solve it?

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