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Woocommerce and Wordpress Role and capabilities codex compliance

1. Make Woocommerce Shop Manager the default minimum role for Fancy Product Designer order processing not full Administrator Role

Administrator role is too high for a Shop Manager role function.

Woocommerce Shop Manager role is the intended role for Order processing.

Employees who process orders cannot be given administrator role access. That's very bad practice.

But Fancy Design forces us to give full backend access to a junior, non technical, non Wordpress literate position. 

Or, all Fancy Product orders have to be managed by high level employees, with full Administrator role access.

2. Wordpress or Woocommerce Codex compliance.

Reallocating plugin capabilities by role is usually possible using a User Role Manager plugin, however the Fancy Designer plugin does not have any role management capabilities for the User Role Management plugin to enable. 

This that not only is Fancy Designer not properly set up for Woocommerce, it also means that it's not properly set up for management by standard Wordpress tools.

The above would every small dev to implement in the next release. But the benefits would very big to us.

Hope that helps.

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We need the same solutions. For our Print Department we need a Role that they can view the ordered designs and export the files so that they can print on demand.

I support the idea as well. Would be a very useful feature. 

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