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I am discovering this fabulous plugin.

Is it possible to automatically convert a psd file to json for Fancy Product Designer ?

If not, what are the alternatives please (knowing that I have several hundreds to convert) ?




What kind of structure do the images have?

Maybe a cause that will help you.

I have a catalogue of hundreds of templates of greetings invitations as PSD files I have many différents styles... How Can I convert my items ?
I had to slice mine and rebuild manually in the designer. Took a very long time
OMG How are u doing this ? Texts images ... ?
Mine are flyers, so I sliced each shape and layered in designer. It was time consuming. The text can be set in the designer itself once you've uploaded your fonts. If someone has a quicker method I'd love to hear it.
I didn't start but that what i think so ... Very very long ....
I sliced shapes and images then placed them in the designer as they are on the original design. For the main images I placed them as upload zones so customers can add their own. For text it was done using editable text boxes. I had to do each flyer individually. An automatic psd conversion tool would be fantastic but not available as far as I'm aware.

Yes the only way is to manually remake
and it is necessary to make an effort to work that can be profitable.

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