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Conrad Axisa

Can someone please help or explain what I can do ? I am going to have different products with different orientations, sizes, colours and materials and I am getting confused with attributes as the only option is to have one attribute for each selection. 

Ez - I have 6 different albums with the same sizes and orientations but with different materials.

Product A (Blank)


Portrait - Landscape


6x8 - 7x9 - 8x10 - 8x12 (Display chosen Size)

Cover Material:

Leatherette - Textile - Velvet (Display chosen Material)

Letherette - Different colours

Textile - Different colours

Velevet - Different colours

Display product with chosen material and colour:

Interior Material:

Textile - Different colours

Display product with chosen interior material and colour:


Text on Front - (Text Box Locked - Cannot be moved)

Optional USB:

Yes - No


NO -


Product B will be similar, but with different sizes, colours and materials. If I place all different sizes in one attribute, how I ma going to find which are the sizes for the selected product ?

Thank you.

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