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How to reduce Printing Area in 3D mug?

Hi friends. For the ones who have purchased the 3D mug, dows anyone know how to reduce the printing area? I mean, I cant offer the full print aorund the mug as the default 3D mug, here's a ss:


I need to set it up like this:


Already tried trimming the element in Cinema 4D


the problem is that the desing doesn't fit to the printing area that should be:


Can anyone help me please? thanks in advance

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hi, do you have adjust the print-area in the config.json?

geeting Alexis

Hi Alexis. yes. In fact, I already solved it by myself. Thanks!

I have the exact same problem, and I adjust the print-area in the config.json and nothing , help please

Hi Pablo, try it once with the UV coordinates in Blender or Cinema. That could help.

@Micus: What was the solution for you?

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