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How to reduce Printing Area in 3D mug?

Hi friends. For the ones who have purchased the 3D mug, dows anyone know how to reduce the printing area? I mean, I cant offer the full print aorund the mug as the default 3D mug, here's a ss:


I need to set it up like this:


Already tried trimming the element in Cinema 4D


the problem is that the desing doesn't fit to the printing area that should be:


Can anyone help me please? thanks in advance

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hi, do you have adjust the print-area in the config.json?

geeting Alexis

Hi Alexis. yes. In fact, I already solved it by myself. Thanks!

I have the exact same problem, and I adjust the print-area in the config.json and nothing , help please

Hi Pablo, try it once with the UV coordinates in Blender or Cinema. That could help.

@Micus: What was the solution for you?

Hi Admin Micus, can you share the solution for this problem please, i have the same issue.

Thx, Patrizia

Hi there everyone, the solution isn't only on the .json, nor the FPD product. What worked for me was, instead of working on the startup layout, switched to BP-UV Edit, there I was able to adjust the UV area for the custom element, creating a new uv-tag for it. Here's the final result:


Also worked on my own 3D model, built it from scratch.. more easy at least for me.

Hopefully this works for you too, cause trust me, there's no more information about this anywhere :/

This is awesome, nice work.

Its there a way to buy this finished 3D model? (I'm not so technical)

Thx, Patrizia

Ok, my problem is solved, if anybody is interested, for a small price i can give you the correct .fbx file.


Can you send me a working fbx file? So that the picture does not fit on the handle of the mug? I can't figure this out, I'm suffering with a problem. Please write the conditions to me by mail procartridge@yandex.ru?

Hi there odevaisysa and friends. Please e-mail me so you can get the exact fbx file in the picture. c4dpremium@gmail.com


I think you got this. But for your next project, I should know that Pairing the vertical movement, recoating of material layers, and even incremental automated printhead cleaning can mostly add hours of machine time, fairly contrary to popular belief. Minimizing the definitely vertical Z-height of the part is a great way to mostly keep printing costs down in a kind of big way. Sometimes splitting parts actually is also for all intents and purposes more economical than increasing height, or so they specifically thought.

Your Regards

Jonathan Globerson

CEO at GloberDesign

I have this problem, can someone guide me how to reduce the print area or help me with the .fbx file, thanks

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