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Selling designs

Is there anyone that is selling designs and if how do you get i to specify on the order?

Can you explain your request a little more?

I have artists that makes designs and small cliparts that customers can use when they are designing a product. I take a small amount for each design and clipart on top of the product price.

I then want to have statistics of which design and clipart i have sold and also how many of each. 

I also want to specify the designs and cliparts as order rows in the order.

Do you have a working page?

Dokan or WCFM you need

Yes, the address is https://discgolfprint.se/

For now it is only in swedish.

If I send an e-mail here, are you reading it?


best solution for you


My suggestion:

• Each designer must order a product. This means selling 1 product for you too. and so you display the product sold on your page in the category of designers.

•The products you will sell are the products you have designed and purchased through our store.

Start selling your products in the Designers Store and track your earnings.

•I use it (the commission system can track its sales. It can see its visitors.

Yes you can email me on that address.

That seems to be a hard way to go. I will have about 50 designs and 200 cliparts. On one product a customer can use 1 design and 3 cliparts for example. I will need to have a whole lot of products then.

this should be the motto

your page and doing this

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that's actually the purpose of FPD

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