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Posted almost 3 years ago by Holger Altwein

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Holger Altwein


is there a possibility to change the active data-tab in order page from "pro-export" to "basic-export"?
1. I can understand, that there is a desire to sell the Pro-Export AddOn, but i tested and can't use it. I need more time and an additional click to download the custom designs, because first i have to change the tab to "basic export", select "jpg" and then "download".
If the customer ordered 10 products, I need 40 clicks (10x1 click to load the design). 

In older version (f.e. 4.0.8) this was not neccessary, because first tab was the "basic export" and with the next download, the settings from the previous download were adopted. So for 10 products i needed only 21 clicks > now the processing time is twice as long.

Has anybody a suggestion to solve this?

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Holger Altwein posted almost 3 years ago

I solved the "click frustration" for myself.

I changed the tab order and download format order in fancy-product-designer/admin/react-app/js/wc-order-viewer.js

Now I only need 2 clicks for downloading designs.

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