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Dynamic cart: thumbnails not showing

Dear all!

I have a problem with the dynamic mini cart from Elementor. It does not show the customized product image thumbnail. Have anyone had similar issues or know how to fix it?

Thank you all very much in advance.



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I have this same problem—I'm also using Elementor's mini cart.


I actually managed to fix it, even though it took me 5 hours! See if replacing the Elementor Pro mini-cart.php with the one attached works out for you. Hopefully it can spare you or anyone else those 5 hours :-)



Sweet! Thanks for spending the time, I can't wait to try it out.

Off the top of your head, do you know if this can be placed in the child theme so as to not get wiped out every other day when Elementor updates (haha)?

Thanks again!

Initial testing, the new mini-cart.php file worked for me to show the customized thumbnail, so thanks!

However, it didn't work being placed in the child theme, I had to place it directly in the Elementor Pro plugin folder which is not ideal. Any ideas on a workaround for that so as to not break it each time it updates?

For reference, the Mini-Cart file can be located here:


This also worked for me. And I do want a better solution for this as well - its going to be a pain to update the file each time we need to update Elementor Pro. But either way, thank you Andreas for your help with this!

There must be a way to do it programmatically, but that's just beyond my skill set. I fear submitting tickets to FPD and/or Elementor would result in a never ending hand-off to the other developer....

Found a solution to replace the mini-cart.php in the Child Theme. This is what made it work.


 Elementor > Settings > Integrations - here you have to disable the cart in order for your template override to work

Look here for more information:


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