Making my first sales and ready to reinvest but....

Posted over 2 years ago by Producer

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Making my first sales and ready to reinvest into the 199 Euro Admin panel for uncompressed images, which is a bit much but clearly a pro tool for professionals that needs it's own expedited support and worth it... But where are the extra graphic design tools, right now I have basic things like alignment but nothing to edit the image besides filters and coloring/cropping.... My competition has the ability to resize not only with locked aspect ratio but stretch the width and height, I don't really want that. 

Are there any 

Warp features?

Stretch features?

That really is my one complaint with the tool is that most images people use need to be stretched to fit the template or warped to squeeze in, for me I simply make sure my designer knows what to do but with their pre-existing images I feel I am loosing a lot of customers without these features....

Any way to add them to my current setup or plans to add them for the future before I invest into the more expensive pro FPD tools?

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