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Product not fitting in lightbox

Not sure why you deleted my other topic, but the product is not fitting in lightbox for doyle theme, it's going out the bottom, any ideas? Maybe you can politely answer without disrespectfully deleting my request?

Have you tried increasing the canvas size?

I have the UI composer Canvas set to 4000x4000px. Product is 1332x1332.

Same issue

There should be a ready made product template for what you need. When creating products download it and use the settings that comes with it. Then all you need to do is change the picture with your own.

Yeah I'm not doing this for 300+ products. Thanks though.

Why would you have to do it for 300 products?

"Then all you need to do is change the picture with your own." to 300 products?

Because that's how many products I have? 

So use the same canvas. If the products differ in shape you would have to have an individual product for them anyway so just apply the same settings.

So once again, I would have to individual edit 300 products. No thanks. 

And I just downloaded their premade template products, it works, but the only reason it works is because they are 400x600 pixels which is way too small for what I need.

I'll login shortly and tell you the settings I've setup which works well.

Aynı sorun bende de var? :(


Just checking this and for example an iPhone 7 case in templates the canvas size is 440x660px. This would be correct if you convert mm to pixels as the iphone 7 height is 138.3mm which would be 522.70px and width is 67.1mm which is 253.60 so it should give you plenty of room at that size. So the canvas size would be fine however just noticed what your issue is, and I'm getting the same using the template settings so will have to try figure it out tomorrow. See attached image...

The problem is being caused by css related to the top menu bar. I have added the following to my child theme css and it has resolved the issue. So far can't see any drawbacks to it...

.fpd-ui-theme-doyle.fpd-modal-product-designer>.fpd-modal-wrapper>.fpd-container {height: 110% !important;}

You may have to play about with the percentage to fit your own product.

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