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Looking for a developer

Hi! I'm looking for a Fancy Product Designer expert. Please send me message, I would like to hire you!




Hi Leon, I'm not a designer but I am interested to think deeply for functional extending base on current practicability products. No category specified. When I face to one product I will think what I can do for ppl? What's more, I am imagining new functional whether are able to solve problem for ppl.

I'm Chinese man, worked in one of cross-border trading/C2C private company and I responsible for New Product Development, include product design, structure and situational application. We can talk happily and creative together.



 Hi Leon.  I need to figure something out.   I have a product "notebook".   I can choose the layout and the "spiral" color.   When I turn the product to the back side.  I need the layout and the spiral color to be the same as in front.   How can I link the atributtes so they switch on both the front and the back when chosen.

Thanks.  Please send me an email. I would like to hire you, I really need help :)



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