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We are about to purchase this plugin and it looks great for our needs. We would really like to be able to create product pages like the Business Card Demo: https://fancyproductdesigner.com/product/businesscard/

But there is no step by step guide to do this? Can anyone advise on how to achieve this. The user guides/documentation don't really go beyond describing the potential of shortcodes and the Business Card Demo product is not included in the overall product demo which is a pity as it does make this plugin very effective.

Many thanks in advance :)

Are you just providing people with blank template or ready made designs that can be customised with their own text? If it is blank design their is a template in the software if I remember correctly. Otherwise what I did was slice ready made designs into layers using Photoshop then recreated them using the create product section in the designer admin. I would allow people the option of changing some photos per design by creating upload zones and by slicing in png file format this allowed people to be able to change certain elements colours. You can also lock areas you don't want end user to be able to modify. I'd recommend the software for paper based printing. They work well together but can be time consuming figuring out due to lack of documentation on certain processes.
Sorry I should have added I first designed the front end using shortcodes but opted for the lightbox as it gives users more space but either can be turned on in admin.

There's a step by step setup of the business cards demo here - https://support.fancyproductdesigner.com/support/solutions/articles/13000072228-business-card-example-setup

Thanks a million guys had almost worked it out but this is a great helpĀ 

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