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Layers Order Problem after Page-Refresh

Layers can not be put in order the way I them want to (in Backend):

1. put layers in order

2. save

3. refresh page

4. layers are in wrong order and designer below shows different result

Have a look at screen record.

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Same problem with me, very frustrating as i need layers to be in order for me to use.

I have the same problem. fpd can't work well with layers. nbdesigner can do it perfectly, but it lacks other functions like upload zones. I wish that the layer function will be improved in an update.

Happens a lot when trying to layer flyers.

Name layers uniquely

for example : 157C23, 48G869, 857N19


Please use the up/down buttons in the toolbar below the selected element to sort the layers. Drag & Drop is currently not working 100% when using a lot of layers.

Many thanks for your answer however im unable to see the up/down in any tool bar can you send a screen shot were this is


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