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Layers Order Problem after Page-Refresh

Layers can not be put in order the way I them want to (in Backend):

1. put layers in order

2. save

3. refresh page

4. layers are in wrong order and designer below shows different result

Have a look at screen record.

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Same problem with me, very frustrating as i need layers to be in order for me to use.

I have the same problem. fpd can't work well with layers. nbdesigner can do it perfectly, but it lacks other functions like upload zones. I wish that the layer function will be improved in an update.

Happens a lot when trying to layer flyers.

Name layers uniquely

for example : 157C23, 48G869, 857N19


Please use the up/down buttons in the toolbar below the selected element to sort the layers. Drag & Drop is currently not working 100% when using a lot of layers.

Many thanks for your answer however im unable to see the up/down in any tool bar can you send a screen shot were this is


Still a problem for me.  And the manual layer button as above only changes it a few layers.  I can't move something all the way to the bottom using that.  Anyone get this working?

I want to integrate two upload zones and still have partial transparent png over them.The layers have big problems with it. The layer function in FPD is really bad. For such things the editor is hardly usable.

Other plugins do it much better. I think this is a pity. FPD is otherwise a good product.

Maybe the developer can also comment on whether the layer function will improve in the future? I would even be willing to pay something for it ;)

I second Jurg... I would also being willing to pay to help get this functionality sorted out properly.  

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