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Changing design category order

Currently, the design category order cannot be changed. When a new category is added, it should be able to be dragged-and-dropped into whatever placement we desire. The drag-and-drop feature is there, it just doesn't save and reverts back to the previous order.


hi, todd Miner

Edit product ID numbers, solution

Product>FPD select, Product > Add products to selection.> You can adjust by swiping 

I'm having the same issue. The suggestion above isn't for the Design Categories. Are you looking into this? Would be helpfull if the id's of categories can be changed. Currently my first created category "fpd_manage_designs&category_id=1" will always show first.

you're right

I understood it as a product list.

Changing the order in the Design Library

does not affect.


Is this issue being fixed in a upcoming release?

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