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Elementor Mini Cart with Fancy Product Designer product image


I am using Fancy Product designer with Elementor Pro. Everything is working fine, but I am not able to get customized product image to the mini cart of elementor pro. (Mini cart is different than cart, because the customized product is working well in the cart page).

If I use default product image, it will show correctly at the mini cart and at the cart page.

I really need this customized product thumbnail to this "minicart"..

Someone have any ideas?


I got rid of this problem by hiding the picture :)

Hello. Did you found another solution? I'm having the same problem.

 Any other solution for this problem? I dont want to hide the image.

The same issue in the "normal" cart:


This problem stems from the variability between themes and woocommerce.

 Ok. But did you hide all your thumbnails in your cart? Or only customized fpd thumbnails?

I hid in the Mini Cart

appears in the cart section

Can I ask you how your mini cart looks like now? When I hide the thumbnails there it seems like the images are there but only invisible.



use this theme mini cart works

free download

I´ll try it :) Thank you very much!

Does anyone make thumbnail works on regular cart? Woodmart theme

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