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How to disabhle the modal when changing the layout?

I use MSCP to change the layout of the product. Each time, there is a modal to confirm to replace all the elements. I can't find to disable the specific modal, only the modal for 'swapping products' can be disabled, but this doesn't affect the layout change.

Is there a way to disable the 'layout' change modal? 



Found and changed it in the JS eventually. It's a little bit nasty, so a toggle in an update would be nice :) 
For anyone with the same issue, change the code to the following in the FancyProductDesigner-all.js. Don't forget to minify it after and replace the .min version on the server!


$scrollArea.on('click', '.fpd-item', function() {

			if(fpdInstance.productCreated) {

				var $confirm = true,
					layoutIndex = $scrollArea.find('.fpd-item').index($(this));

					_layoutElementLoadingIndex = 0;

					var $viewInstance = $(fpdInstance.currentViewInstance);

					_totalLayoutElements = currentLayouts[layoutIndex].elements.length;

					fpdInstance.globalCustomElements = [];
					if(fpdInstance.mainOptions.replaceInitialElements) {
						fpdInstance.globalCustomElements = fpdInstance.getCustomElements();

					$viewInstance.on('beforeElementAdd', _loadingLayoutElement);

					fpdInstance.currentViewInstance.loadElements(currentLayouts[layoutIndex].elements, function() {

						$viewInstance.off('beforeElementAdd', _loadingLayoutElement);

						 * Gets fired when a all elements of layout are added.
						 * @event FancyProductDesigner#productAdd
						 * @param {Event} event
						 * @param {Array} elements - Added elements.
						fpdInstance.$container.trigger('layoutElementsAdded', [currentLayouts[layoutIndex].elements]);


					fpdInstance.$viewSelectionWrapper.find('.fpd-item').eq(fpdInstance.currentViewIndex).children('picture').css('background-image', 'url('+currentLayouts[layoutIndex].thumbnail+')');






Thanks for sharing Danny! 

Little reminder to anyone who customises the core... you'll need to do this every time you update the plugin.

Please include option in settings to disable confirmation popup on changing layouts. 

Thank you.

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