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Shortcode Issues After WordPress Update


Hello, I want to talk about two mistakes.
1. We prepared the page layout with shortcode ([fpd_module type = "products"]). After the Wordpress update, we saw that the products were not displayed. After our tests, we saw that the problem was fixed with the "Enable jQuery Migrate Helper" plugin. So we have a jQuery problem with this shortcode.
2. We use Woodmart theme. When we add the product to the basket after creating it, the loader still continues to rotate. In fact, when we close the sidebar page of the Woodmart theme, the question appears to be bigger. This error "Enable jQuery Migrate Helper" plugin exists for both active or passive states. We kindly ask you to test these issues and update the errors.


When jQuery or lazy loading images is also loaded by other plugins and themes, conflicts can arise. First step is always to disable all other plugins and revert to a default theme. If FPD works as expected, which it should, then you can start to introduce your other plugins one by one and then swap the theme back to find the issue.

In most circumstances you can try FPD in no conflict mode - Settings > Advanced > Troubleshooting > JQuery No Conflict Mode - on.

If your theme has jQuery options in it's settings you can also go through them to find the best combination.

Products not loading usually means your theme or another plugin is using Lazy Load Images as well as FPD using it. Try turning it off in FPD. Settings > Advanced > Miscellaneous > Lazy Load > Off.

I am experiencing the same problem. I have done both of the recommendations. 1- reverted to default theme and only activated FPD and WooCommerce, 2- FPD Settings disable Lazy Load.

I'm still not seeing the products module.

I have copied the HTML Code seen in the section of the Product Module if this is helpful for determining the issue. Please let me know if I forward it to you.

I look forward to your reply.

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