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Shortcode: Upload Zone Modules (boost mobile usability)


it would be awesome and certainly be a big leap for mobile usage, if different upload zones could also be displayed as a module via shortcode - especially on canvas with more than one upload-zone.

The module should open the upload dialog + show uploaded file as thumbnail (like the image module already does) - and as the last step, the uploaded photo is placed in its defined upload zone.

If you need more information or a short scribble/wireframe for further explanation, I am happy to provide one!

Thanks for your time and effort!



Thats technically not possible.


Thanks for your swift feedback! I already got the following workaround: Each upload-zone acts as a layer and therefore can be managed. There is already a "manage layer"-module as shortcode available.

In case one does not need the manage-layer-function like it was meant to be, just lock all layers, except for the upload zones and call the module via shortcode. Voila - you see the different upload zones as layers. Click on a layer (upload zone) and the image upload dialog appears. Upload your image and it is correctly placed on your canvas at the desired position. You even see the filename of your image (i.e. the name of the layer).

That's more a rude "hack" and it has downsides: 

1) The image upload dialog always pops up on the canvas and not within upload-layer - one has to correct its positon via css

2) There's no proper "upload-button" on the upload-layer - but at least a "plus-icon"

3) you do not see a thumbnail but instead at least the filename of your upload (which is great so far)

Therefore I thought it would be feasible to finetune the mentioned workaround a little bit as you already can callout different upload zones (which I thought my be the most difficult thing). One could leave out the thumbnails and group all upload zones in one module - at least this was my amateur thinking ;-)



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