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Enable Designs For Specific Products / How To Enable Color Selection Panel

I have had a lot of help setting up my website and now am taking a deeper dive into managing all the aspects myself. Quite a learning curve, but I'm enjoying the challenge.

Two things that I'm struggling to find an answer for in the forum or modules:

I've created a couple of design categories and uploaded my designs. But where do I enable the design categories for specific products? 

Secondly, regarding the color selection palette in FPD Plus, I have done the steps in this link: https://support.fancyproductdesigner.com/support/solutions/articles/13000042900--plus-enable-elements-for-the-color-selection-panel

But I cannot find any next steps to activate the color selection panel. I have added in a few hex codes in the FPD Settings "Colors", but that didn't change anything either.
I need to have color selection panel for several different items. How do I enable this function for the specific products I need it for?



In case anyone else finds this helpful... I'll add the reply we gave to Sarah's support ticket.

- Set the placement and selection type in Settings > Plus > Tools OR in the Individual Product Settings inside the woocommerce product.
- Ensure "show in colour selection plus" is checked for the specific element in the product builder

- You can add colours for the element in the product builder OR you can add general colours in Settings

For the designs...

- Ensure the designs module is in your ui-layout
- If you don't specify categories anywhere then all will be shown.
- You can specify in Individual Product Settings OR you can specify per view in product builder View Options

Thank you, Rhiannon, for your help!

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