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Limit Upload Zone move inside bounding box


I have a 10 x 15 bounding box that doesn't change and a 7x7 upload zone that doesn't change as well. I want the client to be able to move this upload zone freely inside the bounding box but not beyond. When I activate Movable, the upload zone moves, for the client, throughout the canvas despite the presence of the bounding box. When I activate Locked, it doesn't move. Now, what am I looking for is to limit the movement of the upload zone inside the bounding box. 

Please how can I do this? Thank you.

PS : I am using the latest WooCommerce FPD version released so far (v. 4.5.4)


Hmmm... currently the upload zone isn't restricted to a bounding box. The only way I can think get around this is to add a further layer that indicates to the user where they can place the upload zone.

Thank you for your reply. And while waiting for better days, I will do as you say: I will indicate in the Upload Zone (= photo) that it must be placed inside the Bounding Box ( = printable area). But in my case, it's not pretty to see this element wandering around anywhere in the canvas, even beyond the Printing Box.

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