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Anybody else have problem with color swatches

Hi there, I have bought FPD an long time ago, but I'm building my first website with it. And I have two small problems


When I make some color swatches they don't lineup on chrome. They do on Safari see the screenshot



When I open FPD as a customer, and I have multiple products for this design, he is the first to show the color of one object. I first have to click somewhere to see the other products. When opening, is there a possibility to show the product options first before continuing with the design?


I hope someone can help me with that. 

Hi Maarten,

apologies for the delayed response on this - We've just identified the colour palette problem as an issue with the Wordpress 5.6 update. There's a conflict with this and the external colorpicker library we use. We won't have a fast solution for this so I can only recommend rolling back to a previous version of Wordpress in the meantime.

For your second question - make sure that none of the layers have auto-select checked.

Thanks for the reply

going to try for previous version, hope it will work

And I'm going to look for the auto select, I think I switch this on so thanks


Hi Maarten, new update today with a fix for this, so no need to rollback Wordpress!

Yes, already installed :-) Is working great now. Thanks

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