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Misplaced images and texts within print-ready-export

Hi everyone,

I am wondering if I am really the only one struggling with the following issues: The print-ready-export does not handle fixed positions of custom images and texts very well.

Order viewer shows correct positions, which are also kept within basic export. But as soon as I use print-ready-export (e.g. via admin-solution) the result differs from the order viewer. Custom text "jumps" up or right more than a few pixels and parts of the custom images are missing.

Support says that they (currently?) cannot offer a solution. 

So my takeaway is that I spent countless hours of setting this plugin up and now it cannot be used if one has to rely on proper element positons in print ready exports.

How do you all cope with this? I really like FPD and think it is by far the best solution out there, but right now I am kind of clueless how to continue.

Thanks your your thoughts on this!



Hello you are not the only one with this problem


Look at the last two answers on this topic https://support.fancyproductdesigner.com/support/discussions/topics/13000028361


My solution was to hire a developer to create an independent plugin for exporting pdf the way I need it

Hi Daniel,

thanks for your swift answer! Good to know that I am not the only one dealing with this! Interesting that a third party dev is able to create a proper working pdf export but the original plugin authors are not (no offense, just wondering...) - would you be willing to share your solution for a paid fee or to name your dev so that I could hire him as well?

Anyway thanks for your effort and confirmation on the issue - this has already been helpful!



Hello Michael,


We need to be fair to the plugin development team that needs to create a solution that meets many different types of businesses and completely different specifications in a single product.


The specifications that I am developing for export are very different from what the original plugin does, because I need the customer to export the products on the frontend, I don't need embedded fonts, I don't need automatic sending by e-mail and many of the features present in the original export plugin.


Anyway this does not rule out the fact that the texts are displaced in the original plugin.


I can give you the contact of my developer, I'm from Brazil and I don't know if he speaks English to get an international job, but you can talk to him, he's very competent and I trust him.


Please send an email to danielvidalreis@gmail.com

best regards


Hi Daniel,

thanks for your reply! I just sent you an email! One last thing to point out: I did not want to accuse the orginal devs - they are doing a fantastic job, but the outlined problem is a bug in my opinion and I think a proper solution from their end would increase customer satisfaction even more - who knows, maybe they are already working on it ;-)

Have a good day!



 Hey Michael,

i had the same issue with the wrong position of uploaded content in the print-ready export. I've updated to the latest version 1.2.1 and everything works fine.

Best regards


Hi Lars,

thanks for your feedback - this sound promising! Unfortunately I am not using the export plugin but the cloud-admin-solution instead. Unfortunately the issue is still present in my setup. Therefore I am wondering if there's a difference between print ready export in plugin solution vs. print-ready-export in cloud-admin-solution.. - can somebody from the staff please elaborate on this? Thanks!

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