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Pictures no longer appear in PDF export

Hello, for a few days now I have a big problem with PDF export. I use Automated Export - PDF - 300dpi. 

The problem is that the pictures no longer appear in PDF, has anyone ever suffered from such a thing? 

I have attached a picture of the problem.

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Hi, thanks for the reply, I've already tried REMOTE FILE GENERATION (BETA) - not working! :(


I have the same, 

So: in the order viewer everything is fine. But in the exports the uploaded images are gone. At first I thought they were gone.

But the image is there, just somewhere underneath and rotated. That is what I found out when I scale the image bigger. A piece of it it then appears in the exportet PDF.

Did you find out why this happens, do you have a solution?


I did not find what the problem is, everything started from the last update, so I reinstalled an older version 4.4 ... and now it works perfectly!

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Hm, thanks. Is there a place where you can doynload previous versions?

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from an old back-up!

Daniel Vidal Reis, I checked the settings in the article, all are ok.

With Fancy Product Designer Version 4.4.0 and Fancy Product Designer Export Version 1.0.5, the export works well. If I try to upgrade to 4.5.7 and 1.2.2, the export goes crazy, all PDF files look like the one in the attachment. Has anyone ever encountered this situation?


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