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Designs: Naming them instead of using filename


I'm wondering if we could get an option to name each design, instead of it simply using the filename. 

I use a long nomenclature for my filenames (for organizational purposes) and they end up excessive and redundant for the customers [by showing] on the front end (ie. name: Sitename-Elements-Vehicles-Cars-Make-Model-Style_1, etc. being under the 'Elements > Cars > Make > Model >' category). This ends up messy looking for customers as well as cumbersome to browse. I imagine there are others that do the same as me so this would benefit their store too.


Simply, it would just be much better if we could name them individually, I think, for much easier [re]identification and navigation (ie. named just 'Style 1' instead, listed under the 'Elements > Cars > Make > Model >' category). And of course look cleaner, more professional too because filenames usually aren't clean looking anyway (hyphens, length, improper cases, extra numbers, etc.).


And along the same topic, it would be great if that same name could automatically show under the design on MOBILE. Currently it only shows the design then when you tap it (because there is no hover) it just adds it to the product canvas. I think the [clean] names under each design would help customers navigate, locate and relocate favorite designs easier (now it would be by visual or contextual), esp if some designs are visually similar which could be hard to distinguish on some screens where words wouldn't be.

Thanks for your time!

Hold on, this was already marked 'Not taken'??

How long did you discuss or even think about it? 1 min? 

Are you even taking any feature requests right now? Can you at least explain why you decline these instead of simply "nope not doing that with no explanation". I thought you took these seriously? I know I took my time to post these seriously....


Hi Kyle,

The designs take the Title which can be set in the media area of Wordpress. I've added a couple of screenshots to illustrate... and will move this to the community forum in case it's helpful to someone else.

Alright that's a bit better, I thought you guys just denied suggestions and didn't respond at all as to why (there are several in the suggestions forum denied and not responded to). 

So, I actually didn't realize it would work that way (thanks for the tip), but now at least I know why this was denied.. 

But I still think adding the names to the mobile design grid would be a big help to users browsing by mobile. Or maybe i'm missing a setting for that too?

Thanks for responding @Rhiannon Doyle to at least some suggestions I suppose (but why not all? the members take time to post these, out of courtesy it's nice to get responses...)...

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