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Can't get overlay to work

Hi, great plugin - thanks. I am having trouble getting the overlay to work. I am using the demo 't-shirt' product provided and have uploaded several images as designs. When I add a design (using one of my images) it always displays on top of both the base and overlay images (I have set the overlay element to 'Stay On Top' in the general settings but is there another setting I'm missing as the designs are always on top (so don't show the overlay effect). Many thanks, Neil.


Hi Neil,

Check the design categories and individual designs aren't set to be on top. You can also change the default layer value for categories.

Hi Rhiannon thanks for the reply. I have (I think) managed to get this working properly now so that's good. I am, however, struggling to increase the size of the site logo. I have tried various custom CSS changes but none of them work. Can you advise what I need to do? One final thing, the home page slider images (which are Featured page images) are completely obscured by the slider text box when viewed in mobile. Can anything be done to improve the display/visibility of the featured Images on the sliders? Many thanks, Neil.

Hi Neil

Not sure if you have this confused with your template forum but you would need to contact the template developers for any of those items.

Haha - yes so sorry! I only realised after posting. Thanks anyway!

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