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[DOYLE UI] New UI theme is coming!


currently we are developing a new UI theme for the product designer. We just set up two demos with the new UI theme.



Please let us know your feedback, bug report or any other improvement.

Thank you.

Or better yet, give admins to choose whether they want the customer to add the products to cart after the done button is clicked or to stay at the product page.

And if the users stay on the product page, give the thumbnail a preview of the customized product


Thanks for the reply
The new UI looking great will be a great addition to the user experience!

Do you have a rough timeline for the release... could it be out in November?

cheers nick

We are going to release it next week :)

That's great news!

Thanks cheers Nick

Is it included in Fancy product designer, of do you have to pay for it separately?

On IOS I still cant scroll thrue the fonts

The update is now available. Please post any bug reports here.

We enabled the new UI theme for this demo:


Love the new update. But there's an issue. Now there's lots of blank space to the right of the product, please see attached image. How can this be fixed?

fpd.png fpd.png
390 KB

On mobile: the designer opens without the product image and add to cart button.


Hi Not adapting to portrait view on galaxy tab. Was functioning on the original test sample. Nick

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