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[DOYLE UI] New UI theme is coming!


currently we are developing a new UI theme for the product designer. We just set up two demos with the new UI theme.



Please let us know your feedback, bug report or any other improvement.

Thank you.

Thank you. Looks great!

When I try to scroll the list of fonts on mobile, I can't scroll left and right.

I am stuck at the first few fonts.

Another question. If I am editing the product full screen, how is the multistep product configuration going to show up if I want to use them both?

Users also typically want a separate exit-cancel button that they can see and use.

And the done button to add the customized product to shopping cart.

Is it possible to have the multistep configurator as a separate page in the full screen pop up window?

I was wondering if it was possible to add image zone (upload zone) to Designs

design it on the designer ,add (design, text, image zone (upload zone) and then save it in the designs

I think this method would be better than adding an image zone (upload zone) in the layout

-This will only be one step for the customer, The customer will choose the design and the layout in just one step.


-It will therefore be available to put designs into groups With image zone (upload zone) 


-When the customer sees many steps, the chance of completing the purchase will be lower, So when adding an image zone (upload zone) for designs, it will be easy to choose in one step .

What do you think of this idea ?

Hi, Ibhrahim. 

What site and what software is this? 

I recognize this from another website.

Very nice work :thumbsup:

I like the layout more then the current and also how everything is labeled more as well - that will help users understand what is what much easier. 

I also had 2 feature requests that you solved here (one was a larger font list instead of just able to show 3-4 at a time and the other was the curve radius: it appears that it goes higher than 200 now? Before 200 seemed to be the limit and was too small of a limit).

A suggestion/request I was going to ask but I suppose I can ask here as it seems like a no-brainer I think: a character count showing to the customers while typing in the 'Add Text' box to inform them of how many characters they are at (for pricing reasons). 

Great work again on this, thanks for sprucing it up making it more user-friendly!

Congratulations I'm really enjoying how the UI theme will be. One suggestion, it would be better if the "file" and "tools" tabs automatically close when you click outside


I also had a bug when opening a color picker along with the "file" and "tools" tabs


Great work on the new UI


Will MSPC be incorporated in the new UI theme.

Cheers Nick

The MSPC will not be displayed in the lightbox, you can still use FPD inside the product page and display it next to MSPC.

@ritesh Which mobile phone are you using?

Hi, i am using iphone xs max

Hi, I have some more suggestions


I believe it will be even better if the Main Bar is always visible, I didn't find the close button intuitive and I was a little lost when I finished editing a text, maybe it could even be a reduced version of the main bar with just the icons, but I like it with subtitles


I fully agree with @Ritesh


It would be great to have a separate exit cancel button that you can see and use. And the Done button to add the customized product to the shopping cart. Even better if you have a quantity selector next to the done button

Or better yet, give people a choice whether they want to add customized product to cart or not.

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