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close the photo upload window as soon as the photo is uploaded on the mobile


I bought the Fancy Product Designer 

I want to close the photo upload window as soon as the image is finished uploading on mobile, where do I go to adjust


Currently, when using on mobile, when uploading image is completed, the image window is being opened, I have to click on "X" before the photo upload window closes

Link demo: https://guuxuong.com/product/tu-thiet-ke-op-dien-thoai-s8/



There is an option "Hide Dialog on Add" in the Advanced settings of FPD. Just enable it.

thanks, i have found and selected

Hello I have the same issue on my website but it’s not working even if I select the option. The window still close automatically after adding the image Someone can help me please

You may need to empty your browser cache after selecting this option to see it reflected on the frontend.

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