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Fill all upload zones automatically

Hello! I've been using FPD for the past few months to develop a photo frame creation website, everything is going well, except for User Experience it takes around 30 minutes to assign a photo in EACH upload zone (if you're making around 30 frames, meaning I have 30 upload zones)

Is there a way to automatically fill up all 30 upload zones based on the uploaded images of the user?

If there's no automatic way, is there a way to SPEED UP the "Loading image" process? Right now it takes around 1 minute for each photo to load in the selected upload zone. 

Note: Each image has a file size of about 10mb-15mb since these are all from professional photographers. 

PS on the attached file, all the blue background ones are the upload zones!

Any ideas??


We've responded to your ticket. 

If it's helpful to anyone else, no there is no way to autofill at present. Perhaps you make this a feature request...

Hi , Roxy Santillan

can you send me an e-mail


@Roxy Santillan

This feature is much needed.
Automatic upload of images to the upload zone,
would be a great benefit.
Just add the command button below (CLICK OR DROP IMAGES HERE)
called FOTOMIX.
Will it be included in the development?


any news on this?

This feature is much needed.


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