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SVG mask not working during magnify glass and zooming

Anyone can help with this?

I used SVG mask to create the boundary to look like as below


When I use magnifying glass, the svg mask is reset to the orignal size I upload in product builder. The red line is the orignal


Furthermore, zoom is also not working. The svg mask doesnt change with respect to zooming.


Please help!

 I tested with Iphone7/8 template in library and it shows the same wrong results.


There is currently no fix for it.

If SVG Mask is not working, it is better to remove this option. Might as well tell your users only Image Mask is the only solution.

I am having same issue with SVG mask, not on the front end but in the back end when configuring the mask.

The mask SVG image always stays on the left and is not aligned with the product image. 

When I move it manually to production image position, it resets back on top-left when I save. :(


Hi Marc, please submit a support ticket with your login details so we can take a look and help you get setup.

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