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Get ride of background grid


I want to get rid of the background grid and have seen that somebody else asked the question and it was answered by RadyKal but I tried what was suggested by going to woocommerce individual product settings to a solid color and it's not working.  Is there another way?


Hi Aaron, did you try clearing your cache? 

Hi Rhiannon!  I did and I tried it on another computer that had not been to the site before to be sure as well. It's strange that there is no simple checkbox option to disable it.  I wonder if there are any other ways.


Strange indeed, I get a very quick change when I assign a colour in individual product settings. There's no other setting for this (that I can think of!). So check you haven't got any custom css interferring, and you could check the css of the main-wrapper in development tools. 

If you can't fund the culprit and have a support licence then please do open a ticket.

Yeah, every other change I've made works instantly and occasionally I need to clear the cache to get the change to show.  I'll probably just open a ticket.  Thanks for your time!

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