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My SQL it very large

First, let me thank FPD again for the wonderful plugin. 

I am having issue with databases related to FPD. My WP website is an online WooCommerce shop, with 10,000 customers and 6000 orders.

My database becomes extremely big due to FPD that storing data in the tables.

For example, wp_usermeta is 628MB - The big part of it is fpd_saved_product 479MB. 

Also after clearing all the active carts the problem remains the same. 

I am asking what is the best way to clean the old FPD database as it is growing and slowing down my website, making issues.

Thank you for your advice



You can only delete old entries manually through e.g. PHPMYADMIN

Sure, I can do that. 

Can I ask if what will happen to the orders if I delete  fpd_saved_product manually? will that affect existing orders from paying customers or that will delete only the customers who haven't paid yet / placed an order? 

Thanks for the replay


Thank you for your answer. Can you please explain what will happen after deleting it? 

Will it affect only the orders that are in the cart and was not yet paid, or can it affect an existing paid order? 

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