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Backend for Fancy Product Designer (Jquery) ?

Hello, how do I get the backend from the Youtube video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UWsjP9EJAsQ

i bought the product from Envato but i can't find a backend for the Fancy Product Designer Jquery.

Is it available for download ? or do I have to code my own ?

for help i would be very grateful


I am not the Developer, but the pure jQuery-Version ($29) seems to be basically "just" a frontend with logic and api. So you have to code your own backend or use Wordpress/ Woocommerce-Version of this plugin to achieve something similar to the video. 

Otherwise, if there would be an backend it should be documented here:



That's correct. If you want to view orders, you can also use our admin solution with jquery (additional cost) 

Thanks, so i must code my own :(...but ok

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