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Pricing rules based on image size not applied when product is added to cart

Hi.I've set up a pricing rule for T-shirts and the price does adjust according to the size of the uploaded image when customizing the shirt in the designer. However when the product is added to the cart, the base prize (price of the shirt alone,SRD 25) is displayed instead of the correct prize (SRD 134.00).Can you tell me how to resolve this?




I am having the same issue. did you manage to solve it? if so, how? I would appreciate your reply!


As always, revert back to a default theme to check it's updating correctly there. 

Disable any other plugins that might be interfering. 

This behaviour is almost always due to the current theme overriding the standard woocommerce layout which will require a bit of digging around to allow the updated price to be shown. 

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