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Replacing Background

I want to replace the backgrounds on some of my designs using the 'replace' feature.

I've loaded the designs in and setup the categories. It's working well except they are not positioned correctly in the layout when imported.

The backgrounds are all exactly the same size and it doesn't matter what values I put into the "left and right" (screenshot attached) the background are always imported into the same position which isn't right.

Any help would be appreciated.


Can you screenshot the position they're imported into?

Sure no problem, it looks like the bottom right hand corner of the background is being centred. The first image is the original then the second has the background replaced.



Have you got auto-center checked?

I've just double checked this. left=0 and top=0 will position out of the canvas (I assume this is a bug?).

In my 800x800 canvas, left=400 and top=400 will center it.

No it's not checked, although I did try it to see what it would do but nothing happened – still ended up in the same position.

Are you using the 'replace' feature to get those results? It centres when I just place a design in but when I use the replace feature it still goes off canvas. 

Yes I have a background similar to yours that I'm replacing using replaceBackground. Try changing Scale By to dimensions - enter the dimensions and scale mode Fit.

Tried that, think I've tried everything haha

Thanks for your help I think I might open a ticket.

No problem, if you don't get anywhere I can send you screenshot of my settings.


Just updating this for anyone who has the same issue.

The X, Y origin of the image I wanted to replace was set to 'Top' and 'Left'. By changing the X, Y origin to 'Centre' and 'Centre' the image would replace in the correct position.

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