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Photo DPI


Usually customers upload photos from their phones, FB with DPI 72, but for printing we need DPI 300. If we force upload 300 DPI photos, customers abandoned such purchase. I believe it is quite difficult for customers to change DPI.

What is your setup with photos in such cases? 

Thank you.

Hi ugenijus,

Did you figure this out? 


Hi Guys!

If you force your customers to upload images with high dimensions (eg. 3000x2000px or higher) you should be fine.


Hi Tim,

Thank you for your answer! Which setting do i use for this?


Thank you Tim for solution. If we force high dimensions, how to fit the screen?

Hi Guys,

no problem, you´re welcome. :)

Please see attached Screenshot of the Settings-Section of FPD (i am using V4.4.1) , which is unfortunately in German but should be similar to your Settings-Section, except for the language.

The red X illustrates the settings for minimum width and height values for user-images. For my purposes a minimum witdth and height of 1000 px each is plenty enough, but you can literally enter whatever you need (eg. 3000 and 2000 or 3000 and 3000).

The blue Arrows illustrate the values (width and height) of how the image should be resized if it is wider or higher than you canvas size. Here you can enter either Pixel- or Percentage-Value. I prefer percentage values, because those resize the image relative to the size of my canvas, which is useful if you have different products with different canvas sizes.

Hope that helps!

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