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Patterns not showing

Trying to figure out why the thumbnail for my patterns isn't showing When I select them they show up on the item so they are uploaded correctly. image

Also trying to figure out what size/dpi might be required for patterns to show proportions correctly. For instance, this pattern is 12x12in (close to the width of a shirt) 


but if I were to select it for a text that spans the width, it only shows a very small portion unless I make the text extremely large (running off the shirt), and it still doesn't show proportionally correct. I am guessing there is a measurement setting I am missing somewhere maybe?


Please open a support ticket on our website so we can have a closer look at your issue. 

I had similar issue by adding grunge artwork to text. I hope to hear this solved.

I also am having this issue. Is there a recommended  size/dpi for text pattern photos? 

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