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Load time

Hi guys,

Just wanted to see if anyone had any suggestions for decreasing the initial load time of the designer when a product is loaded.

We have a heavy file of about 50 layers each product of svg files - It takes quite a while (30 seconds to 1 minute) to load.

Does anyone have any tips to decrease this load time? I have optimized all images, it's not possible to 'optimize' the svg files but not sure if there was maybe something simple, increase hosting plan etc.

Thanks a lot in advance,



you can combine different layers in one file (for example within an svg) and/or use smaller images.

mainly the speed issue comes from mobile - not as bad on pc laptop. Is there any reason for that and any way to optimize for mobile? At the moment it is virtually unusable.



we have the same problem.

Everything is optimized, but the loading time is still slow.

How can this problem be solved?


same problem here. no solution?

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