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Printing Box as Bounding Box


I really need help setting up the bounding box. I created three products in which I used Printing Box as Bounding Box with sizes A5, A4, A3 and then created a Woocommerce product with three variations, attached the corresponding product to each variation. The problem is that when changing the variation, only the elements change, but not theĀ Bounding Box, I used to set it up and everything worked. If you disable the Replace Initial Elements option, then the frames also change size, but this is very inconvenient for the client as you constantly need to re-create the design. Please tell me what could be the problem?


Sorry currently only the elements of the view will be loaded via that option.

Sorry, I misunderstood something wrong. I created the necessary elements, but the problem is that when changing the print box does not change. By default, the first item is the item with A3 fomat and the print added to it does not change size when changing the item. Screenshots in the attachment.

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Please open a support ticket on our website so we can have a closer look at your issue.

hello team,

I designed a product from fancy product admin panel. In that product I defined right side printing box. But when I dropped my custom logo on the front-end side. So it is dropping in the left top. So wherever I define the printing box on my site, the logo should drop in the same area. So what do I have to do in the json file for this.

Same problem for us here. Any solution?

I have the same problem.

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