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Change color of diferent images on multiple views using FPD and MPC


Currently we have a woocommerce tshirt store, our products  have 2 views in the FPD Editor, front and back views, and each one has a diferent image of a shirt, that changes when the user selects a color variation of the product.

We are changing the tshirt colours through MPC, using the replace option and the product attributes/termns, everything works perfect for the front view, but... even though we have the same replace code for the images of the back view, and the "replace in all views" option active in the main configuration, the color of back view images doesn't change at all... even worst, when we select the "replace in all views" button in the individual atributes/terms of the product, the front view images replaces the original back view image instead of only change its colour...

Is there any way to replace diferent images of multiple views with the same replace code, when the user selects a variation through MPC?

We found an old topic talking about this issue but wasn't solved, can someone confirm us if it is possible to achieve this?


Thanks in advance for your answer.


You can use the swap products function to replace several views at once or create different fancy products and assign a different fancy product to each variation.

OTHERWISE you could also use the color selection panel to change the color of the shirt and link the colors for the front and back view. 

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