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Creating an image from the product builder

Hi everyone.

I just purchased Fancy product designer and I'm struggling to do what I want.

- I want to create a custom design in the back office

-I want to display this custom design in a product, as the main product image, without any possibility for a visitor to change it.

- I don't want to see the canva in the product front office, only the image of the design I made in the back office

is it possible?

Thank you for your help


You could disable all modules and customizing options but if you don't need the customizer best practice is to either not use our fancy product designer plugin or make a screenshot of the customized product and use our multistep product configurator (if you have a variable product)

Thank you for your answer

To be clearer, I'm creating a wordpress multisite where users can:

 1) create their own ecommerce website as a subdomain of my website   ---> this part is ok

2) create and design  their own merchandize products from their backend to sell to their visitors  ---> this is where I want to use Fancy product designer and this is why I don't wants visitor to be able to customize the products

Do you have any suggestion about how to customize Fancy product designer to make it work?

Thanks a lot for your help

By creating a UI Layout where nothing can be customized. 

The backend will still be customizable.

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