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Printing Box, Canvas Scaling and Bleed Issues

I am planning to get the Export License in the next few days. I am not sure if this affects it.

I am trying to create a canvas to design your own business cards.  I am using the Standard US Business Card printing box with 3mm bleed.

1) Is the printing box the bleed area?

2) Is there any way we can zoom in on the canvas?  When I load it to Wordpress, the design area is really small.

3) If I increase the printing box, the font size doesn't seem to match.  Normally a font 10-12 is what I use for business cards. I confirmed with canva.com too.  When I increase the printing box, the font size now doubles to 18-20.  But it is the only way the canvas is big enough for end-users to design.

Thank you


1. Yes.

2,3. I recommend to  change your canvas size so it fits for the business card or to rescale your business card so it fits into teh canvas.

I changed the canvas size to Width 400 and Height 300.  It still seems very small to design.

My workaround is using the zoom and increase the design area in the front end.  Is there any way to load FPD in full zoom mode?

If I rescale my business cards to the canvas area, for Standard US, the Auto-calc was 1000x573px, will that effect the export for printing? For example, would it be bigger size than a business card to send to the supplier/printer

zoomed.png zoomed.png
40.5 KB
scaled.png scaled.png
43.4 KB

Also, can you confirm that the printing box is the TRIM Line = 3.5"x2"? So with a 3mm bleed, it will create the outer edge to 3.75x2.25" on export.

If you use our Export Add On, the pixel size doesn't matter. You can choose the export size yourself. 

If not, it matters.

Yes, the trim line will be added on top of the printing box. (Please note: not the image will be shown but instead just a white area will be added. 

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