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I want to use the product on my website, not necessary as Woocommerce Plugin


i have a product, that need to have high customization. The final design of the product is not possible via a configurator, more it is a draft for the end user how final product could look like. The information provided by the user are then used in Backoffice to develop the final design.

Hence i do not need a shopping cart. I just need the possibility to let the user design a product, enter information i do need to make a cost calculation and come back to customer with an offer. 

So i want to know, how is the best way to establish? Acutally i do not need Woocommerce, because i am not building a online shop. 

Can i use this configurator for my purpose? 


Can you provide an example website of something you like to get? As i understand it now, you like to get some information of your clients and create a design for them? 

You can use our product designer for that. You can also test it on demo.fancyproductdesigner.com


This is an example what i would like to do. The customer can provide the information, which i do need to create a professional file for the supplier. (CAD - Model). 

Thank you very much for the demo. I am trying to use it to develop the UX :-) 

Here is another page


I would like to do a checkout process. Is this possible? Step by Step? 

Something like this is possible (more like the first link you provided). the user interface is a little bit different but the functions can be used.  

Such a checkout process is not possible using our plugin. 

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