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Variations and image display


I am building a print shop and customers have to choose between these attributs :

1/ the paper (no image will appear)

2/ the size of the image ( I would like to have my frame to appear)

3/ the choice of Portrait or Landscape (the image of the frame would change)

Is there anybody that have been this kind of products using FPD ?

Till now I have the images of the papers and sizes in Thumbnails but impossible to find how to have the frame to appear selecting the size, and impossible to find how to let the client switch between Portrait and Landscape.



You need to prepare all this in templates.

you should prepare the frame or line thicknesses.

you need to adapt the dimensions.

you should create templates without leaving too many comments.

Hi Gryadin,

Thanks for your answer. I have the frame mockups (it you mean that speaking of templates). I have also already all the variations done... The dimensions are done also since it works with ratios I have three main frame mockups 3x4, 4x5 and 1x1.

My issue is not the mockups but the way to have the right frame appearing when I click on a 30x40 cm or a 30x45 cm...


Is there someone having some elements to help ?



If you need help, you can also open a support ticket on https://support.fancyproductdesigner.com/support/tickets/new 

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