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Usability improvements.


I have some usability improvements for you.
I was hoping you could take a look at this.

Whenever I try to select a font on the font selector on an IOS device, the font selection system doesn't let me select a font properly.
This is very annoying for me as a customer.

I have uploaded a video of this. 

What you see in the video is the different fonts in the list becoming grey and back to its unselected color.

What I am trying to do is to scroll down and up between fonts, but the system doesn't allow me to do that.
Can you improve the font selection systems usability?

Thank you.


You could head on over to the feature request forum and have a look at the discussions there or add a new topic with a request for the feature you are looking for so we can keep it in mind for further updates. The more people agree to it, the more likely we are going to implement it. 

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