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Variable Canvas size

I am about to buy the plugin but I have a specific need in mind that I need to be available first.

I want my customers to be able to design their own canvas artworks. I provide canvas sizes from 10" to 100" (in 1" steps) and these can be orinted both landscpae or portrait.

For example I offer 10x10 and 64x25 canvas

I have searched the forum but I couldn't find a proper answer. What I understood is that I need to create a product for each variation, in my case this is not feasible as I will need to create thousands of products!

So is there an easy way to accoplish this?

If you can keep to a standard ration eg square, standard ratio rectangle in portrait, standard ratio rectangle in landscape, then you should be right. Create your fpd product base in the largest size so that you don't resolution when you're exporting for printing. I think :D  

Many thanks for your reply but as I explained even the ratio is not fixed, some are square others are panoramic.

What's the easiest way to do this?

Is there even a way to do it? :)


no this is not possible. You could only use the dynamic views module of our plus add on. But using this your customers will be able to insert any size they like (you can't limit it to 100 "). 

Hmm no fixed ratios makes it a bit tricky. How about make a big canvas, but the print area doesn't have to cover it all and you trim the print at production time? You'd need to make sure you had good instructions.

I am ok with the customer entering any size (I can add the limits in the instructions) but I need the customer to be able to see how the final print ratios are. Some people ask for a "square" that's 60x40 :)

The dynamic views sounds good, do you have a demo for it?

@Jo Thank you for the idea but I am afraid that would be to hard for people to understand what's going on.

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